The Journey to Harbor of Hope Women's Cancer Foundation

Years ago, when I was diagnosed with dense breast tissue. 

I realized the importance of yearly mammograms; 

during the most recent exam they identified 

an invasive lobular cancerous tumor to

my left breast. Being “high risk”, I had an MRI

resulting in the finding of an invasive ductal cancer

to my right breast. A decision was made for a

double mastectomy. Once I was able to process

this devastating news and the with the help of my

husband and mother, we began research; we read

literature and viewed numerous media sites. We

were confused and felt lost, we didn’t know where

else to turn. 

This is when I really felt alone. I was a

drift. I had two choices…stay afloat or sink. 

I pulled myself up into my personal life raft and

asked every woman I met, “Do you know anyone

who has had cancer?” These women shared their

story, or gave me contact to families and friends.

With these strong women, I found support and

many answers.

I am so grateful for every one of you!

During surgery, two months following the

diagnosis, the doctor’s found both cancers

doubled in size; one tumor growing into my skin

and a third cancerous tumor formed.  Because of

the complications, I was to remain in bed; I tried

hard to keep my spirits high. Once my restrictions 

were reduced, I personally visited a cancer foundation for support. Soon after I received a call 

from another organization offering a walk---never 

to directly hear from either of them again. I was shocked! 

I knew what I needed…a safe, non-judgmental, non-

threatening, all-encompassing environment for

companionship and hope, with activities I could

tolerate and services to improve my quality of life,

but couldn’t find one.

This is when Harbor of Hope Women’s Cancer

Foundation was formed, with the promise to

provide a safe harbor of hope and comfort for

women affected by cancer at the onset…

through the journey.

–Colleen, Founder